Why Asking This 1 Question in a Job Interview Increases the Chances You’ll Get Hired

Focus on what you need to ask!

Anyone who has been on an interview knows there usually comes a point at the end of the meeting where the interviewer says to the interviewee, “Do you have any questions?” You may be wondering whether it’s OK to ask some. Or if you should just say, “I’m good,” so as to not take up any more of their time.

This is actually another opportunity for you to shine and demonstrate the research that you have done for the interview which is above and beyond reading the job description and having a quick glance at the website.

Naturally there are questions that everyone will want answered such as “what are the next stages of the process” or “what is the training like” etc. and whilst these are valid questions and information that you need to know, you have to be prepared that this may be covered during the interview and also these types of questions do not say much about your personality or your genuine interest in the company that you are hoping to join.

This is also your opportunity to find out all the information that you need in order to make a decision on whether this company could be the right one for you.

When asking questions it would be wise for your Questions to Cover the 4 C’s

Connect–Get to know the person better

Culture–Understand who works best there

Challenges–Clarify what keeps the management team up at night

Close–Identify the next steps in the hiring process

Keep in mind…

You’re a business-of-one who has to sell your services to the employer. You can increase the chances of getting the job when you prove you can solve their problems and alleviate their pain. Therefore, the best question to ask in the interview is, “What’s the company’s biggest threat to success this year, and how will I be able to help overcome it in this role?” By asking this, you’re giving the employer the opportunity to articulate how this position (and the person in it!) can offer the biggest impact.

They’re literally telling you how you can meet and exceed their expectations! Once they answer this question, you’ll then have an opportunity to respond and even share some of your past experience that relates to what they said.

This is how to reinforce the fact you understand what’s important to them. This gives the hiring manager greater confidence that you’re the candidate who will do the best job.

Don’t Forget, Interviewing Is a Two-Way Street

The most important thing to remember in an interview is you’re evaluating each other. While it’s hard to even get an interview these days, that doesn’t mean you should assume any employer who is willing to meet with you is one you want to work for.

Asking smart questions in the interview not only helps you gain the trust and respect of the hiring manager, it also helps you decide if you will survive and thrive as an employee there.

That’s why you should always have a list of questions ready to ask before you leave!