When meeting your Recruiter…

What to do when meeting your Recruiter … After all, this is where your career starts … so put a lot of passion into this.

Prepare well and have a good idea on how you want your career to progress. Your interview with the recruiter is really important; remember this is the first person in line that will be representing you.

Let’s help you here,  Please DO

Dress up

Presentation really matters. As a recruiter we expect you to dress accordingly. We want to see you in formal or smart casual wear. Only dress down if the Company allows when you’ve got the position, but it’s always better to aim for business wear. Ensure you are comfortable in your clothes. Make sure your shoes are clean! We can’t all afford brand new shoes but they can be clean and polished.

All our interviews with candidates are different, they all depend on the type of position and industry they are either In or wanting. Full business wear is necessary when shortlisting. Always dress to the more formal end, it will NEVER be to your detriment

Show up on time

This is a basic requirement. Rather early than late. Give yourself a 10-minute buffer. But remember being TOOO early is really awkward for both parties. If you are very early sit in your car or wait around the corner.  If you are stuck in traffic ensure you have the Recruiters’ phone number to let them know.

Keep a spreadsheet of your job search

We see a lot of people who have already done a lot in their search before meeting us but haven’t kept track of any of it. My advice is to keep a spreadsheet on who you have approached and/or been too. Then we won’t send your CV to the Clients who have already seen it. This is why we also ask you to sign a Candidate undertaking form when we see you.

Read over your CV

Please ensure you are familiar with your CV. There are times when we ask a candidate for detail about something in their CV and they can’t remember the specifics. I often wonder if it was you that compiled your CV or a friend. It has to be you!

Being able to explain your role in a few sentences is really important. It shows confidence and if there is something that we as Recruiters don’t understand, we always want to learn.

Do your research

Make the connection with us if you know that we represent a Company that you are interested in.


To find out on what NOT to do when meeting your recruiter, check out our article next week same time!