When meeting your Recruiter… Part 2

Let’s help you here,  Please DON’T

Remove your address from your CV

We live in rather big provinces, so if you put Gauteng on your cv as your preferred area of work but only want to work in i.e. Sandton. Please TELL US. But if you are willing to travel or even relocate, leave the full province in and TELL US

Be overly flexible

I see it posted every day “I want a job” …. Really? And they say “I’ll do anything and work anywhere.”  Far from making you seem flexible, it actually makes our job harder. We need to target the right role for you. Have a plan and share it – that way we can find you the job you really want. If you’re unsure of the exact role or position you’re looking for, even just detailing the types of roles you’ve been successful in or enjoyed in the past can be very helpful in finding your next job.

Veer off track

Please be direct. It is easy to veer off track but stay with us. Be direct. We need to hear and know your story to be able to get you to where you are heading.

Hide your past mistakes

There’s no need to lie about gaps in your CV or short assignments. People make mistakes in their career, take breaks, go on parental leave, and return to study all the time. Honesty with your recruiter builds trust in the relationship, which will help us feel comfortable about representing you – and we tend to find out if you’ve been economical with the truth.

It’s understandable to want to present the best possible version of yourself and your past, but it’s more important to trust your recruiter from the start, even with the mistakes, and let us find the best way to guide you.

Go on holiday

Please let us know if you are going on holiday during the period we are discussing your interview status

Be afraid 

Please don’t be. We want you to be as comfortable as you can. In a business way, of course, being comfortable with yourself really helps us. So many times I have come out of an interview and thought to myself “wow that was like pulling hen’s teeth”.

And a final piece of advice…

We are on your side. Criticism is never nice but listen to our advice. Use constructive criticism for next time.