The journey to success is not a sprint, it’s a marathon!

Here is a quick story…

Be careful what you ask for!

I once offered one of my friends’ some career advice.

I feel that I am pretty accountable, I have made solid career decisions over the years and earned success at a reasonably young age.   My friend’s career, however, had yet to launch…

She had worked for 8 different companies in 12 years and didn’t like any of her bosses.

Whenever we were at gatherings I heard over and over how awful her latest boss was. Everyone else would say ‘there-there’ and feign compassion.

At the latest gathering, my friend asked me how I had been so ‘lucky’ in my career. “it’s not fair” she said.

“Lucky?” I responded. “No – I do my job and I don’t complain. I respect my staff and my clients, even when I sometimes don’t often agree with what they are doing or what they have said. I work my butt off. Have you ever stopped to think that out of all of those ‘terrible manager relationships’ that you are the common element”?

Well, as you can image, I haven’t been spoken to since ? written by Tracyj Moffett

The moral of the story? you have to be willing to work hard for things in life rather than complain about what current position you are in. Rather strive for better and allocate goals to reach for in the future and make a success of it!

All great achievements take time and risk. Continuously work hard and eventually, you will find yourself reaching your success much faster than you think!

The key is to be better than you were yesterday, after all… Rome wasn’t built in a day!