Today was about giving back – This is what the Precise. Team was up to!

Our Directors’ morning spent with a few patients in the respite centre was too precious!
These patients will get well whilst having treatment and will continue taking it. With God’s grace, they will be able to work again soon one day.

A few individuals truly inspired me…

Norman Thabale is a Bricklayer by trade. A once healthy man, the breadwinner of his family.
Philane Ngwane’s story is heart-wrenching. He had a tragic car accident. Had huge brain and stomach surgery and when he woke up was told he was lucky to be alive and was told he was HIV infected. He used to be an Ambulance Assistant.
With love and care from Hillcrest Aid Centre Trust these men and the other patients will get stronger and will be able to live their lives, yes with HIV. YES with ARV’s. Their stories will be their testimonies!

Live with HIV or die from AIDS

It was a busy day for HACT. They say ‘blessed is the hand that gives’…
Well, so much love was going around here. Gifts were being given.
School children were so happy to be part of giving.
I met a beautiful entrepreneur called Nobuhle Jali. She makes beaded coasters pens and Christmas decor. Wow, how I loved her spark!
And ofcourse I couldn’t leave without thanking the security man.

So you see HACT had a successful day filled with giving and love!


Today the rest of the team also had the privilege to spend Mandela day at Pikanini Crech in Benoni.

The day was filled with fun, smiles, and LOVE! We utterly enjoyed seeing the laughter and happiness beaming from the little one’s faces.

We would like to applaud the teacher’s for doing such a wonderful job with these little ones every day

Thank you so much for having us, we look forward to visiting again soon!

All in all Mandela Day was a true success for Precise!

We loved every second of it.