Happy International Bosses Day!❤️?

Let us tell you what Boss’s day is all about…
This day was established to demonstrate appreciation and recognition for all good bosses out there and the tough roles that they hold.
We dearly appreciate both of our Bosses and want them to know they are the best we could ask for!

So being that today is International Bosses day we sent our Bosses off for some beach time!?? They took the great initiative to walk on the beach for a very worthy and amazing cause! ??

The Philocaly Trail was challenging but a great experience!
Our Directors walked all the way from Zikwazi to the Tugela Mouth River for a #plasticfreeocean supporting @kznbeachcleanup and Wildoceanssa

One of the main reasons for the @philocaly_trail is to create awareness and raise funds for Breathe Ocean Conservation, KZN Beach Cleanup & Wildoceanssa
The walk is along KwaZulu-Natal’s incredible coastline yet sadly still so much plastic is being vomited up by the ocean, support this cause by visiting their website and to see how YOU can make a difference! https://breatheconservation.org/

#livedeeplytreadlightly #Stanger #KwaZuluNatal #plasticfreeocean #philocaly_trail