Considering a new career?


At some point in your working lives, you will look at changing jobs.  This is highly recommended!. Pace yourselves though, think it through very carefully.

Learn New Skills or use existing skills?

New environment / new industry – learning new skills and training for an entirely new career is exciting. Always think about working your way up but would you be happy to retrain and start from square one?

Sometimes using existing skills but in a NEW environment is all it takes.

Money, money, money … must be funny … in a Rich mans’ world“ (Don’t you just love ABBA?) This can often be the decider as to whether people stay or go.

If money is the deciding factor for you then don’t compromise in the hope of job satisfaction.  Sometimes Leaving your current position for an entirely new career can mean taking a step down. Even starting from square one. Which usually means a pay cut.

If you can afford to drop in salary then make this move. Do not look back, job satisfaction will come in time.


Decisions, decisions – Are you sure you want to change your career or have you just ‘grown out’ of your role/organisation? Just because that Manager has made you miserable do not confuse this with your career. Rather ask to move to another team. Tell them you are up for a new challenge.

Progression is important, motivation is important. Make sure you go into an organisation that places this importance on developing staff.  Investigate whether employers promote on qualifications or measurable success rates when making a decision.

The reasons people want to change careers are mostly Job satisfaction, career growth, better opportunities, and remuneration. Please thoroughly research your new chosen career path carefully BEFORE making a decision to move. Be a risk taker, take that leap, perhaps you are ready? Search our available jobs under our vacancies tab, we will walk this journey with you.

After all, Recruiting is what we know and it’s what WE do BEST!