Author: Louise Ackermann

When meeting your Recruiter…

What to do when meeting your Recruiter … After all, this is where your career starts … so put a lot of passion into this. Prepare well and have a good idea on how you want your career to progress.

Performance Appraisals

A performance appraisal is a meeting between you and your line manager that usually takes place at least once a year. This is a chance for a two-way discussion.  Highlighting the areas that you are doing well in and where

Considering resigning from your current employer?

  If you are thinking about handing in your resignation, ask yourself the following questions: Am I being paid enough? Do I get on well with my colleagues? Am I receiving training and is it effective? Would I be promoted?

Considering a new career?

  At some point in your working lives, you will look at changing jobs.  This is highly recommended!. Pace yourselves though, think it through very carefully. Learn New Skills or use existing skills? New environment / new industry – learning

Maximizing job search success for Mature Applicants

Although mature age candidates face certain challenges when looking for a new role, there are some key ways to maximize the chances of job search success. Consider the tips below : Refresh Your Resume With the job application process largely

How to Avoid Resume Clichés

Think of your resume as your personal advertisement to a potential employer! Here’s how to make sure yours stands out from the pile on their desk…   When you’re writing your resume, you should constantly be thinking, “Is that relevant,

Explaining the unexplained gaps on your Resume

Don’t be tempted to ignore gaps in your career on your resume, hoping that employers   WON’T NOTICE THEM…   For many hiring managers, a resume that’s full of unexplained breaks is a” red flag”, and they may disregard your

Why Asking This 1 Question in a Job Interview Increases the Chances You’ll Get Hired

Focus on what you need to ask! Anyone who has been on an interview knows there usually comes a point at the end of the meeting where the interviewer says to the interviewee, “Do you have any questions?” You may be wondering whether it’s

15 Things you should not do in an interview!

Not doing your research You might have the skills to do the job but do you know the how the company operates? Check the ‘About Us’ link on the company website and read their mission statement. Find out who the

Four questions to really impress an interviewer

Asking the right questions can be hard, but it is essential in the interviewing process! If you want to be a great, memorable candidate when interviewing for a job, you need to ask some ‘wow’-inducing questions at your interview. Remember,